Cupcakes Experiment #1

I was thinking of baking cupcakes today and then I figured, oh hell why not experiment with them as well? And so I ended up with 24 cupcakes in which 12 was made with Oreos and espresso and 12 with pandan and coconut.

This is how the Pandan coconut batter looked like before being baked
Pandan & Coconut cupcakes batter

I know… It’s so green!

And this is how it turned out, with the Oreo Espresso in the background:
I'm so green

And this is the Oreo Espresso! See little pieces of Oreos peeking out? There’s also an Oreo at the bottom.

I decided to make something with pandan in it ‘cuz my mom has this obsession over it, and everyone who’s as Asian as I am know that pandan + coconut = ❤
So why not, right?
Now, I know that the Pandan Coconut one looks a little bit too green and scary, believe me it’s greener inside, and I was really not sure how it would turn out, but I just tasted it (got my mom to taste it too, it’s made for her after all since it’s her birthday on Monday) and gosh, it was YUM! It wasn’t overly sweet, damn, it wasn’t sweet at all! I was really afraid I put too much sugar in it ‘cuz my mom doesn’t like sweets, and it turned out just the way I wanted it to be. And since I put in coconut shreds, I was afraid it would turn out dry. But I guess the coconut milk did its job and made it moist instead.

I will post the recipes once I find out what I did. Anyone who knows me would know that I just put things that I can find in my cupcakes, and then they turn out to be something and then I make my friends eat them (whether they are good or not) xD  Ooooh my guinea pigs ❤

PS. I haven’t tasted the Oreo Espresso (hahaha, Espressoreo) yet so that’s why I haven’t been ranting about that as well. I will taste one now and cross my fingers for them being good too. But who am I to know when my guinea pigs aren’t here? D:


3 Comments on “Cupcakes Experiment #1”

  1. Lina TN says:

    gaaaah why, why, why …why am I not in Oslo right now? XD I want one TT_TT

  2. Tanadda says:

    Am I going to be the Hulk if I eat one of those? Who cares! Gimmeee!!

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