Can I get more random than this?

I’m gonna summarize the past week ‘cuz I’m too lazy to write about something, any thing.

Last Friday 04.02:

Tanadda stalked followed me to campus. Random picture taking on 1,5 hours train ride to Kongsberg. In which I got myself photographed walking out of the loo. (Thank you very much Tanadda, for embarrassing me in front of the ticket collector)
Tanadda falling on the platform at Kongsberg, ignored the guy who offered her help and cried out for my help instead.
Poor guy, it was the most awkward moment this year. He’s was feeling awkward, I was feeling awkward, I’m sure the girl who walked with us was also feeling awkward. Everyone except Tanadda, she was her usual happy self (she ignored him remember?).
Walking into the lecture hall where one of the people I usually sit with asked me whether Tanadda was my little sister or not. No cute butt(s).
[Insert something here, the guy who used to play the piano in the school passage started playing again. We didn’t get to see it ‘cuz we were stuck in lecture]
Random talk and stuff. And when the lecture was over we went to Fattigmann to eat cake. Catching the train to Sandvika [insert another fotosession], random walking around Sandvika Storsenter in which we got lost.

Last Saturday 05.02:

Realized that I didn’t show Tanadda around school. Paranormal Activity 1 & 2 with Tin and Tanadda. Popcorn, chocolate, candy. Hip song and the Gangaroos.

Sunday 06.02:

Blackness, I’ve got no idea what happened on Sunday. Probably me, myself, the couch and my computer.

Monday 07.02:

Mom’s birthday. Meeting with the international coordinator. Lecture in which I got asked whether my little sister was with me (read: Tanadda). Saw cute butt, reported to Tanadda. Almost got caught looking at “cute butt” at lunch. I’m not sure if it was almost got caught or not because he looked up when I was staring and being my smooth stalker self, I pretended that I was staring into the space before me. Almost got caught a second time. Seriously, I need to stop staring at people! Went back to Oslo, bought a present for mom.
Came home, hid say present in my bag and tossing the gift paper in the bathroom. Talked to mom, lied about not having bought anything to her because I needed to pee so I rushed home. Stalked into the bathroom to secretly wrap the gift, came out and left it on the couch. Mom went all like “Huh? Where did this come from?” when she found it. And yeah she liked it.

Tuesday 08.02:

The train was delayed by 45 minutes. So I decided to catch the train Stavanger instead, even though its departure is 4 minutes later than the delayed one, I still came to Kongsberg before the other train. Macroeconomics. R = C + I + G + X. And so on and so forth.
When to the optician department at school to get my pupils dilated. Got to see my retina. It was kind of awesome!
Dilated pupils = light sensitive.

Got to borrow a pair of huge retro-pilot sunglasses that was too small for me (figure that!). It said Burberry but I’ve got no idea. Freakish sunny day with a lot of snow = 20 minutes walk with my hood up and my eyes barely open. Walking around with your hood up on a warm day is not comfortable! Slept for 6 hours when I came home.
Woke up. Sat around for 2 hours and then ending up in bed again. This time 10-11 hours.

Wednesday 09.02:

Skipped lecture to finish my homework. Cooking dinner: Norwegian meatballs, YUM! Got accused by Lina: “Skipped school to make meatballs? Way to go!” Crocheted something for Tanadda for her birthday. Fell in love with that something. Showed it to Lina.

Thursday 10.02:

Finished my gift for Tanadda. Met up with her so I could give it to her. And then I realized that this might be the first time I’ve ever given a birthday gift that early. Her birthday isn’t until 18.03 but she won’t come back to Norway until summer, sooo…
Blogging random shit like this and yeah going to find me some dinner now.
If you managed to read through all those random thing I just wrote, you’re probably:
1. Crazy
2. My stalker (in which you’re also crazy, ‘cuz I’m not that interesting)
3. hahahah lonely with cats? xD (sorry. random, inside joke) 
4. You’re me, in which you’re not so you are you.
5. Why are you still reading this damnit!
6. I need dinner NOW, make me some?
7. I need to stop writing these…
8. Ok, bye!
9. Seriously, bye!
10. Guinea pigs ❤



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  1. Lina TN says:

    …I’m crazy …

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