“Awkward moments”

I’ve been busy these past two days with a 48h group exam, and I just thought that I should share the awkward moments and other moments that came with it.


We spent most of our time in this lab/group room on the 3rd floor at the data technician division. There were a bunch of us Economy students on that floor as well so we really invaded their floor actually. Okay, so during the day we all have to go to the toilet, right? And I have this thing where I go to the toilet like all the time.
Anyways, the toilet was like placed right beside this other smaller group room, and they had the trash can between the door and the door frame to keep the door open, you know what I mean right? So when I walked out of the toilet I saw this and thought that no one was inside so being the curious human being that I am, I decided to try to peek in. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t like the gap was so small that I had to go all in and peek, I just stood outside while leaning my head to try to peek in that huge door gap. All I could see first  was the blackboard filled with brainstorming ideas, and once again I thought that no one was there . That was when I decided to lean further to the side to peek more of those things on the blackboard, that was when I realized that there indeed was people in that room. I could only see the dude-with-the-scary-stare’s back and I thought “Shit” and then I ran away… I know, way to act nonchalant… I don’t think they saw me… right, right??

Another thing that happened on Monday was that I was bored and walked around the lab we occupied. I don’t know what they do but there were tables and tables filled with soft drinks and empty sof drink bottles. Another thing was that I found this model of their machine thing made out of Legos and then I found a cabinet filled with play-doh in lots of colours. So this was what went down with the blue container of play-doh


Tuesday was more eventful actually. I had that awkward moment where I realized that I left my keys at home, and all of our exam literature was in my locker. So there we stood,two members of our group of five and I,  staring through the gap of my locker trying to pull our books out. I did manage to pull out a bunch of books through that gap while Silje went to the front desk to ask for the janitor. She came back with the news that the janitor said that he can’t pick the lock but he have to destroy the door of my locker to get our things. And she was like “I wasn’t sure what you wanted so I told him no”. I was like but we have to get them out, even though we only have 3 books left in there. And so while Elma went back to the lab with the books I could save, Silje and I went down again to talk to the janitor. The janitor said the same thing again  and was all like “You won’t be able to have a locker for the rest of the semester and you have to carry all your books by yourself” I didn’t mind it actually because I usually just keep one book in there.

So we went up to the 3rd floor, and Silje and I thought that he would destroy the locker with some tools or something but we couldn’t see him bringing any. All the while he kept on talking about how he have done this quite a few times before ’cause people keep losing their keys. And how he liked it better when they had the kind of locker where you could just use a padlock. “It was fun when I could walk around with that big scissor and cut the padlocks” was what he said.  Yes, he called it a big scissor ❤
Anyways, we finally reached our destination and he just went and hold the gap in the locker door and pulled it open with his bare hands. You should have seen our faces then… We were speechless and  O_O.
And something awkward happened… There was a bag inside our locker filled with snacks from the day before because nobody wanted to carry it home and back to school. So he pulled that bag out and went “What is this? Food? It wasn’t the books you guys wanted, it was the food!” and we could see that he was all so amused. I was so embarrassed…

Later that day I went to the toilet on the first floor, and when I walked in I could see the cleaning guy cleaning. I just thought ” Oh man, I really need to pee” so I just walked in one of the stalls while he was still there. I know I wasn’t supposed to but I did anyways. That was when I realized my mistake… Try peeing quietly while you know there’s a guy standing outside trying to clean the toilet. It must have been as awkward for him as it was for me… Poor guy.

Another incident happened that night. Our school usually close at 8pm and the lights will shut off at 9pm, so around 8pm the security guard will walk around to tell people to remember to get out at 9 ’cause he needs to close every door in the building. So I thought something along the lines of going to the toilet before I go home, just so I could avoid the toilet on the train. So I was sitting in one of the stalls when the same security guard opened the toilet door and said “Hello?” and I was like “Hi!” from the stall. I almost cracked up when he closed the door and walked away. That was a little bit awesome actually. I should have said “Yo, G!” HAHAHAHHA xD


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