False alarm!

Trust me to do something stupid like triggering the emergency alarm at work… Oh well, curiosity did killed the cat as they say.

So I was in the freezer room trying to find boxes of ice-cream when I had this brilliant idea to turn of the freezer fans, because, you know, if the kitchen guy could do it last time then so could I! Now you should know why I wanted  to turn them off in the first place, mostly because the freezer fans are huge-ass fans that are so nicely located in a place where they could blow freezing-cold wind directly at me in my t-shirt. And because I knew that it would take me forever to find those boxes of the ice-cream flavor we needed in the shop.

So there I was thinking if the kitchen guy could turn it off without me knowing the last time then that on/off switch must be located inside the freezer somewhere, and since there was only this huge red button there by the door I thought “Oh hey! Here it is!” and pushed it. Then came the so-called nightmare… The fans just went on spinning like nothing ever happened but in addition to that I heard a shrilling sound. The kind of sound that is oh-so-familiar. The kind of sound that our apartment complex would recognize as the fire-alarm. And I panicked. What did I do?  I pushed the button again but the button could not be pushed and then I pulled it and the sound stopped!

I was so relieved but then came the fear that someone might have noticed it. I went back to my search for the ice-cream boxes all the while worrying that the people upstairs would come running down and ask me what happened (I was the only one downstairs at the time). What was I supposed to tell them then? That I uhm, fell on it? Like seriously who would believe that stupid lie? I mean, that button was located a little bit over my head so how could I possibly have fallen on that thing? And I couldn’t say that I was leaning on it either…
So there I was worrying and freezing my ass off while thinking of a stupid excuse in case someone might suspect me to be the culprit. And then I realized why there was a red button there in the first place! Obviously in case somebody got locked inside and have to push it. The warning bell in my head should have gone off when I saw the color red on that button… How stupid can one be, really?

When I finally found the boxes of ice-cream and went upstairs, it seemed like nobody noticed anything, either that or they didn’t care… Either way, what if someone really were locked inside that room, pushed the button and died when no one came to their rescue? What if? What if? Oh well… at least ignorance was bliss this time…


One Comment on “False alarm!”

  1. HAHAHA! I just learnt something new from this post. Next time I can’t push the button, PULL it instead! xD

    “Obviously in case somebody got locked inside and have to push it”!!!!!!!!! xDDD

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