Awkward? Naaah, not at all…

I’m pretty sure everyone have had their awkward moments, and time where they say something and it turns out that it is pretty stupid in a way that will make them remember it for life.

One of those moments might be that time when I was working on a group project and we took a break and bought some grilled chicken to eat together. And since I didn’t want any, one of the exchange students in our group proceeded to ask me if I was a vegetarian since I didn’t eat with them. I said “no, haha, I have my own food… I’m just not eating it now” and well he was like “ah, ok” turned to the other exchange student and said “You know, Maria is a vegetarian” and the other guy was like “Oh?”. Everyone who knows me should know that I sometimes have these trails of thoughts that surprise me even to this day. Okay, so what went through my mind was “How the heck does he know? Wow, I need to ask” so the words that left my mouth was “You mean like, Virgin Maria?”

I should have realized then that it was pretty stupid but I didn’t and what happened next was that they turned their head towards me with contemplating looks while probably thinking “What the heck did she just say?” when one of them started to respond to my oblivious face. “Swedish Maria?” he asked still not sure if we talked about the same person or not. That was then I realized my grave mistake and all that went through my head was how to explain this and not make it sound like I’m some stupid bitch who just butted in into their conversation. I didn’t, of course, so I just told them and crossed my fingers for not sounding stupid. “Oh, I thought you meant Virgin Maria, hehehe” (that was a somewhat nervous laughter in case you didn’t notice). Their confused face remained and I added “Like Virgin Maria, up there?” while pointing upwards, and they burst out laughing, shook their head while they looked at me with amused incredulous looks and then went back to eating their delicious grilled chicken. And me? Well I just turned back to the computer screen embarrassed and thought “FML, I can’t believe I’m that stupid. Why did I have to butt in and ask them that. UGH!”. Three hours later when I arrived home safely was when I realized that she’s actually called Virgin Mary in English…


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