New Year Resolutions

I’m quite amazed by the fact that I haven’t written anything here for the past two years. Sometimes I feel like posting, but in the end I never do. I’m bad at expressing myself, and I feel that my english pretty much sucks. That’s why I always hesitate about posting. However, I’ll try my best to write as much as possible from now on. Hopefully I’ll improve, even if it’s just a little bit.

I wonder why I don’t have any special feelings this year. I mean, I usually get excited on New Year’s Eve, and always have a christmas feeling during christmas. This year, I don’t have any feelings at all. Today is just a regular day like any other day. Perhaps it’s because there’s no snow this year? I don’t know ….

Anyway, since we’ll soon begin a new year, I would like to make some New Year’s Resolutions. I know I won’t be able to fulfill them all, but I’ll be satisfied if I can manage to accomplish one or two, or maybe three.

1. Memorize things. Nowadays I can’t seem to memorize stuff, It’s been a long time since I last did, so I have to train my brain.I used to be good at it too TT_TT

2. Use my camera more. Most of the time it just lies in a corner collecting dust.

3.  Become better at Japanese, mainly memorize more kanji and words.

4. Be more confident.

5. Improve my english.

6. Improve my grades.

Overall work harder than last year.

Wish you all a Happy New Year 🙂



2 Comments on “New Year Resolutions”

  1. BSillyBob says:

    You should’ve seen my face when I came by and it read New Year Resolutions XD I was like: “wait what? New Year Resolutions? huh? Where am I? I didn’t write this…” *scrolling up and down* “aaahahahhaa, Lina!”

    I feel retarded, and you do not suck in English! What the heck really? Well, at least you can now practice it by posting more, you know? HAHAHAH, I’m not guilt tripping at all, nooo.

  2. L.T says:

    Suprised? :D:D I’m suprised that I posted myself …LoL I should have included in my resolutions: blog more XD

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