Beginning of a new year …

What’s better than starting the new year with a cold? Well, at least I can comfort myself with the fact that it’s better to get a cold here, because my mom is here. That means that I don’t have to cook, and can just lie around the whole day.I practically do that all the time when I’m home anyway, but yea … you get it.

Because of my cold, I felt like drinking tea today. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a tea strainer at home. We had two before, but my sister took one, and I brought the second one with me to Trondheim. At first, I was a little depressed, but Baoi saved the day. I remembered that she gave me a cup and tea for Christmas. So I went to my bag that contained all the gift I’ve received for Christmas and Birthday and started to dig up Baoi’s gift. The tea was delicious, and I drank it while eating macaroons that I received from Chris 😀 I feel much better now. I even took a picture. I’m kinda proud of myself today. I’m posting again, and I even included a picture … I wonder how long I’ll be able to keep this up …








3 Comments on “Beginning of a new year …”

  1. BSillyBob says:

    ooooh the cup is so photogenic! woohoo! And together with the macarons it’s like Sonny and Cher, PB and jelly, Romeo and Juliet… okay, I’m taking this one waaay too far hahaha! Anyways, glad you liked it, i was afraid it was too shiny for you xD

  2. L.T says:

    i thought it was a bit shiny at first. But now I don’t think it is XD It’s big and I can put snacks on the plate to eat while drinking tea ahaha ❤

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