Misunderstanding …

Another long post, sorry ….

A new semester means a looong line of people in front of the cashier at the bookstore. After 6 hours with lectures, I went to the bookshop in hope of buying my books for the new courses. I want them early, as we already have assignment that we have to hand in by the end of the week TT_TT. I walked around, listening to music while searching for the titles. It was crowded, and I just wanted to get my books, line up at the long line and pay for them. Suddenly some guy pulled my backpack. Turns out, he’s in my class, and wanted to know if I had a list over the books we needed. I told him I just had the list for one of the subject. As for the others I somehow know how they look, so I just planned to look for them. In the end, I doublechecked with my phone just to be on the safe side. This guy, I’ll call him A just to make it short later on, decided to tag along with me since he did not know what kind of books we needed.

After collecting all the books, we lined up at the freaking long line. It took almost 30 minutes until I reached the cashier. None of us said something. I normally don’t talk with people I barely know without a reason, but it was so awkward just standing there, especially knowing that this guy is in my class. So I forced myself to ask some questions in order to make it less awkward. It was just normal questions like: what do you think of the new semester? Did you apply for a studass job this semester? Do you have plan on exchanging later?etc, you know, normal school related questions. After paying for my books, I did know how to get myself out of the current situation. I though it would be rude to just leave without saying anything. I was kind of stupid, but I ended up asking: where are you going now? My purpose of asking this question was, I know he won’t be going the same way as I do, so I can just say after his answer, Oh I’m going home byebye. That’s what I ended up doing, and I thought it was normal. Didn’t think much of it either.

Well, today, after my last lecture, we had to choose whether we wanted to start 8.15 or 8.45 on friday. I wanted to start 8.15 and was standing around trying to convince some people I know to choose the same. After a while A shows up. I just said hi and we were all discussing the time thing. Anyway, I planned to print out my assignments for this week and decided to go, I already voted so I did not want to stand there any longer. I took my leave, and A went after me. I just though he decided to go too. Then, he said something, I did not hear it entirely because it was very noisy outside of the lecture room. But first he asked if I was a shy person. I thought he was talking about personality wise, like I don’t talk much to people and am pretty much unsocial. Though I am completely different with people I know well. So I answered, kinda or something. Afterwards, I heard A say something about yesterday, you asked ….*did not hear* going ….Then I heard, I thought you wanted to hang together? I was like, wth is this guy talking about??? Really, I thought he was talking about the exchang thing so I just said, no it was awkward so I was just trying to make a conversation. Then he said I thought you wanted to hang out together, but we can hang out together. You know, this was too much for my brain to handle. I mean, I coudn’t get  the connection between asking if you plan on exchanging and hang out together? By the time I realized that he might be talking about the last thing I asked him, I reached my destination and just said I needed to go. Thank god he did not follow. However, I think he thought I was interested in him or something? lol, I don’t even know this guy, except for the fact that I’ve seen him in my class before. Either way I just can’t understand how on earth he reached a conclusion that I wanted to hang out with him? my gawd ….

Man, I should just have kept my mouth shut the entire time yesterday, and left afterwards. Bao, you’re  my oracle, you gave me some good sentences regarding the shampoo thing (although I did not have the chance to use them). Give me some sentences to say this time too XD


3 Comments on “Misunderstanding …”

  1. BSillyBob says:

    I’m currently laughing my butt off of your ignorance x’D

    Anyways… “So A… Let’s hang out and become bff’s, I mean… I’ve wanted a gay bestfriend and you’re totally swinging for the other team right?”

    Seriously though… that’s just rude HAHAHAHHAH

  2. bibboba says:

    I enjoyed reading this!! But L.T! Did it ever occur to you that he is interested in you?
    I mean, maybe he wanted to hear it. Why would he even want to talk about it afterwards if he weren’t? Now I feel sorry for him. You totally blew him off!

    Or maybe I just totally misunderstood the whole story..


  3. bibboba says:

    And by the way! I just read your new years resolution, and this situation is a perfect example for you to BE MORE CONFIDENT!
    You know, sometimes it’s totally not your fault that things get weird. Maybe the other person is just simply loko…:P

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