I think I have …

I think I have issues with my free time… I found a whole bag of 10 cents (Norwegian) in our drawer and then I ended up on Google trying to figure out if it’s still possible to turn them in. Turned out they went out of circulation in 1992(!) and the last year for turning them in were in 2003. I was staring at them and thought “oh crap, they’re even older than me!”. Anyways point is; while Googlin’ I somehow stumbled upon a magic forum(?). You know the kind that have topics about black cats, Friday the 13th, tarot cards and so on and so forth? Yeah, well I started to hang around and read random topics… I’ve got no idea why but maybe it’s a sign that I stumbled upon it? :O

Oh heck, I’m getting brainwashed soon, not that I’m not brainwashed beforehand. Sometimes I think I’m psychic. Truth is out, I’m really losing my mind…


One Comment on “I think I have …”

  1. L.T says:

    Since it’s you, it’s not suprising that you managed to stumble upon that magic forum 😛 So did you find anything interesting there?

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