BWW: Vietnamese net idols?

What is wrong with me? I stumbled over another weird thing again this week. This time it’s a thread on Soompi called Vietnamese net idols =_= basically something ala Vietnamese ulzzang… Actually in Vietnam, they’re called hot girls and hot boys… because they’re hot topics? I don’t know, it’s weird…  Recently there’s been a hot uhm… people(?) boom in Vietnam and with that I mean they’re seriously taking over. Like starring in dramas, singing and modeling, and I find the quality of their acting and singing voice quite unsettling while their modeling is so-so (they do have a pretty face after all). Well, fact is I’ve got no idea what their talent is, because I can’t see it. Is their talent their pretty feature or something? Because then I’m disappointed with this world…

PS. I think I should make this my hobby or something, you know like finding things on the web I find somewhat weird or fun and share it here? Like Bao’s Wide Web (BWW) or something? (I spend a lot of time stalking surfing around anyways so why not, right?)


One Comment on “BWW: Vietnamese net idols?”

  1. lisakimle says:

    beauty is power hunny , thats what the internet is for – thats why kpop and dramas are popular and gain interest because of their face .
    they’re easy on the eyes , thats all that matters

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