BWoW: HK airplanes?

I’m not what you could call a hardcore Hello Kitty fan. Heck, I’m not even a fan but seeing this Hello Kitty themed airplane, I might as well be converted! Okay not entirely but you must admit that this is kind of really awesome! :O Just take a look at the in-flight meals and you’ll know why!

Business class meal (click on the picture to see more)

And who’ll ever expect to actually eat ice cream on flights? On Eva Air you can obviously!

After a few searches I found out that these airplanes already debuted back in 2005 on flights to Japanese destinations! It retired in 2009 and finally made it comeback last year, and to think that I never knew about this… :O and well I don’t know about you but I would like to try this at least once in my lifetime 😛

PS. I changed my mind about Bao’s Wide Web (BWW), it should be BWoW, Bao’s Web of Wonders! HAHAHAHAH! XD


One Comment on “BWoW: HK airplanes?”

  1. L.T says:

    Lol, not a fan of hello kitty myself, but that looks delicious :D:D

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