Ebay …

Or Evil Bay as Bao calls it, and I must say I agree. It’s a pretty scary site. Once I’m there, it’s difficult to get out. I always end up spending hours there searching for a lot of stuff that I…..umh, don’t need. But it’s kind of fun though XD

Anyway, Bao do you remember the bun sponge thing you showed me? I ordered it when you gave me the site. I still haven’t received it, and it’s been over a month!! I’m reconsidering buying it again from someone else because I really want to try it TT_TT aah what to do?


8 Comments on “Ebay …”

  1. just ordered a hoodie from ebay! 😀

    nono, you should wait a bit more! Chris bought me a pair of owl earrings from ebay and I had to wait over a month before receiving them-.- ps. unfortunately, she already gave a bad feedback before they arrivedxD

  2. BSillyBob says:

    whaaat seriously? didn’t you check their ratings before you bought from then? send them a message and ask! :O I’ve already gotten my Italy towels and I ordered it 7. february or something O_O did they send it yet, though?

  3. L.T says:

    The rating percent is good, but there’s a lot of bad rating too though. However it just costed like 15 kr, so it’s not a big deal. I just want it in order to try it out. And according to ebay they shipped it on the 14th of january. I thought it would arrive late because of chinese new year, but I still haven’t received it yet. Oh well, let’s wait a little longer. I can always give a bad rating and buy from another seller, didn’t cost that much. XD

    • BSillyBob says:

      send them a message, it’s a common thing if you still haven’t received it when a month has passed. They might send you a new package?

      • L.T says:

        sent them a message, they told me they would refund me when I confirmed my email address. Was going to confirmed it today, but the item arrived today XD

  4. BSillyBob says:

    ahahahahha! and ohbtw, I never receive the notifications whenever you post a new post or replies 😦 I thought I already followed you, guess it won’t bother when it’s the same blog as mine… tsk tsk

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