I had the worst kind of nightmare last night… What did I dream of that deserved the title of worst nightmare you say?
I dreamt that there was a lady who just suddenly came into my house and started eating all of my instant noodle supply. And not the cheap ones, but the more expensive and good tasting one. I think it’s a sign from above trying to say that I should eat less instant noodles whenever I’m hungry.

I’ve been doing that lately, eating instant noodle whenever, and I never get satisfied! I keep craving it for some reason? Oh well, here I go to make me some delicious ramen! As for the sign, let’s forget it for now.


6 Comments on “Cravings”

  1. I actually live on instant noodles right now!! And I only have two choices: Polish or Vietnamese ones. …does instant noodle addiction exist? O.o

    • Baoii says:

      Polish? Seriously? hahahah! Like Koka/Mr.Lee or better yet First Price? xD
      You should upgrade to Polish rett i koppen soups! šŸ˜›

      J/K! You can’t be too busy for good nutrients otherwise we’d lost a hero to save lives later! Eat properly!

      PS. that addiction totally exist if you and I suffer from it…

  2. L.T says:

    I wish I had a large noodle supply so I could eat instant noodles often. TT_TT

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