How awesome am I when a “drug addict” almost fall in love with me?

EH! That was a huge lie but this one is true:
How awesome am I when a “drug addict” gave me a hug out of appreciation? Pretty awesome, I tell you! And in front of my boss of course!

Well, this is the story; he ordered a soft serve and when he was trying to pay he couldn’t find his money. So he kept trying to rummage through all of his pockets, in the 3 different jackets he wore, as well as his backpack.
He went on like this for approx. 5 minutes while talking to me with quiet slurring words, not that of a drunk person but still slurring, and he said something about a restaurant. I don’t know, my hearing has been kind of lousy lately…Anyways, he took his backpack with him to the side a few metre away and said something about needing to find his money.

One of my boss was presence while all of this happened, because I was going to close for the day and he needed to take the money from the registers with him. And when that man went to the side to rummage through his backpack, my boss just kept staring at him with a thoughtful look and said if he can’t find it just give it (the ice cream) to him and I agreed.
So I was doing my stuff, turning off machines and preparing to close all the while taking a look at the man. And usually my boss will just take the money and go to count them but he didn’t, he just lingered and looked at the man still looking through his backpack.

It just came to a point when I was standing outside about to slide the windows in place to close it up, and my boss was like: Why don’t you go and give it to him now, Bao. And you know, I went to the man still crooking over his backpack and said “Excuse me… excuse me” and when he turned to me with a sad look I said: “You can just take it, I’m closing up now anyways…” You should have seen his face brightened up right there and then. “Thank you”, he said and proceeded to give me a hug. I didn’t anticipate that at all and it was kind of awkward for me, seeing as I was born and awkward hugger. But he was so happy, and I couldn’t take that from him.

After conversing a little with him about his missing credit card, I turned and went back to the “booth” I work at. The scary part was seeing my boss holding an eye on us through the window. I proceeded to trying to close the sliding window with my obviously bad skills and well, it didn’t want to close up properly so my boss came out to help me. He went back inside while I was still trying to make the two windows meet each other. In my own little world I looked up and saw my boss walk through the doors inside the booth while staring at something behind me and then he looked at me and stared at something behind me again.

Being me, I was completely dumbfounded when I couldn’t figure out what he was staring at after having turned around to take a look. It wasn’t before I completely snapped out of my little world that I heard fragments of what the man from earlier was trying to say really loudly while walking by. Something about “nice girl” while he pointed at me with a happy face.

Later when I had already succeeded in closing those windows, with my boss’ help, and inside the booth my boss asked: “Was he happy?”, “Yeah…” I replied and he said something along the lines of “You probably made his day”

I don’t know though… Did I? Wasn’t it partly my boss’ “effort” as well? I don’t know and I guess it doesn’t really matter ’cause at the end of the day you’ll still be able to think that you made someone’s day whether they knew it or not.


One Comment on “160412”

  1. L.T says:

    aaaaaaw, that is so cute 😀

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