Bruised and battered

I’ve been running around town trying to take my blood test at two different locations today and the outcome is as follows

Pretty much how I feel mentally right now


7 Comments on “Bruised and battered”

  1. Beautiful! you can come to me in 4 years and I promise you that I will never puncture your vein xD

    • Baoii says:

      The first lady did it so obviously too, right in and then for some weird reason pointed it up! I have had my fair share of blood tests and I know that she wasn’t supposed to do that. This is from a place where their work is mostly made up by taking blood samples btw.

      The second one was so nice and did it beautifully although she pressed on the already punctured one in hope of finding a vein. Sorry, no luck there, somebody have already corrupted it…

      • Ojda, hahaha! Maybe she got panic and pointed it up(reflex), but unfortunately, the needle was still insidexD Flat tire when came to the sexond lady? Haha!

        Du må laste ned instagram, btw! Til og med Lina har den, selv om hun aldri er der xD et av bildene mine(bilde av en skummel klovn på karl johan)på instagram got nominated for one of the 9 out of 12 best entries for the theme “people at work” 😀 Last den ned asap! x)

      • Baoii says:

        She was as calm as ever, they do this over 20 times a day or something. Afraid of me being an Asian? She’s also Asian (midtøsten).

        Mobilen mi ner for antikk for Instagram 😀

  2. I can imagine her stone face with “oppsidoopsi, i did it again… Yeh yeh..the vein is not cut off. Next!” xD

    Haha, ny mobil! \^0^/

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