Cruciate ligament rupture…

Last year I managed to rip one of my cruciate ligament at one of my martial arts training. It was supposed to be a self-defense course and I managed to hurt myself.Kinda ironically right? I visited a chiropractor and a physical therapist after the accident. However it wasn’t until this spring that I was told I had a cruiciate ligament rupture. After half a year of waiting, I suddenly got an operation date. It was this tuesday, 7.15 in the morning. Normally you can return home a few hours after the operation. Though in my case, I was too dizzy and felt like vomiting every time I turned my head or tried to sit up. The nurse told me it’s common when you get too much morphine. So in the end I had to stay overnight at the hospital.

I’ve returned home now. I don’t as much pain as I expected. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover soon 😀




2 Comments on “Cruciate ligament rupture…”

  1. Baoii says:

    I was nagging about a new post from you on the 28th! And it was here all along? I think I checked before I nagged but somehow I completely missed it? OMG, what is wrong with me? Sorry, Lina for false accusations. 😥

    I hope they fixed your light today, btw. And oh! No wonder they got the right knee. It was the morning shift, duh! Had it been later and it could have been fatal :O That was my way of telling you that I’m happy they didn’t take your other knee, btw 😛

  2. L.T says:

    haha thank you! …unfortunately, they haven’t fixed my light yet. The deadline is tomorrow, Hopefully they will come before my appointment with my physical therapist -.-

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