First day in Singapore

After a 15 hours long flight tour, I finally reached the destination where I’ll be staying for the next couple of months – Singapore.  The flight was not the best I had, but it wasn’t the worst either. The first flight from Oslo to Bangkok went fairly well until the last hours. There was some turbulence which made be feel nauseous. I thought I would feel better after we landed, but it did not help when the first thing I saw when walking into the toilet was a women throwing up. She even threw up on the floor! It made me feel like throwing up myself, but in the end I still managed not to. Except for some nauseous feeling the rest of the flight went well.

After landing at Changi Airport, going through the immigration check, getting the baggage what’s left to do is to find your way to the hotel. You can always take a taxi from the airport to the hotel, the fare I heard is around 20 – 40 $ (singapore) which is about 200 norwegian krones. It’s not that expensive if you compare it to the price you pay in Norway. Due to the extremly hot weather, I almost ended up doing it because I simply just coudn’t take it anymore. However, I managed to find a Shuttle Bus that apparently will drive you to any hotel for 9$. It was only me and another lady at that bus, so basically it was pretty much like a taxi.

After resting  at the hotel, I decided to “explore” the city. I can’t say it’s easy to find the way around here (at least not where I’m staying). I had no idea where I was, and every street just looked like each other. After walking around for 30 min, I managed to find the MRT station I looked for and managed to get to Orchard road where I ended up staying for the rest of the day. Except hanging around beauty stores and buying beauty products, I simply had no mood to shop due to the hot weather. You get sweaty, everything feels sticky, you feel ugly so everything you try on seems bad.

Since I did not manage to sleep much during the flight, I was totally exhausted when returning to the hotel. Though I still did not sleep until the clock was about 1 a.m. Anyway what can I say about Singapore so far? It hot, way too hot here =_=


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