Trip to Chinatown and once again Orchard Road.

One thing I learned after my second day in Singapore is: if you don’t know your way around here and plan to get around by bus, don’t do it unless you sit and count the stops until your destination. The buses here don’t announce the next stops, and since I’m still clueless about the roads around here, it’s pretty much get off by intuition, which might not always go so well.

My plan for today was to eat in the food court next to the hotel before I head out to the center to shop and “explore” the city.  I went out around 11 am and it was so hot that it felt like I was walking around in a sauna.  Since the food court’s sitting places are outside, there’s no way a person like me that can’t handle hotness well can eat there. I then decided to go to a more central place in order to eat breakfast. After walking for a while, I found a bus station and apparently there was a bus that went to Chinatown. I though there would be a lot food to eat there, so why not check it out. Of course I did not know that the buses here did not announce the next station. So while the bus was driving around I had no idea where I was. I simply thought that when I’m in Chinatown I’ll probably see a lot of lanterns and such, so I can get off when I see spot those stuffs. My stomach however, did not allow me to wait until I could confirm where I was. I was soooo hungry I felt like dying so I jumped off the bus when I saw Mc Donald’s.  I did not end up having my breakfast there since I was apparently next to a center.  Every center here has a food court in the basement, so there’s no problem finding a place to eat. Although took a while for me to realize it, but I was seemingly in Chinatown. It was pure luck! lol, who knows where I would end up being if I kept waiting for chinese stuff to appear ? (I don’t even know if they would appear or not :S).

So what do you do after you filled up your stomach? Explore Chinatown? Well, although that was my plan,I pretty much gave up after 10 min or so. The warmth totally killed me, and it didn’t help that everywhere I walked all I could smell was fried and oily food. I have to say I don’t have much appetite during the days I’m here, so it just made me feel like throwing up. In the end I, I ended up at Orchard Road. Like yesterday I could not buy anything today either.

I don’t know if it’s because of my nephew’s influence that I suddenly got the thought of taking the bus home instead of the MRT which I’m more comfortable with. (He really dislike the MRT and says that the bus is much better). Anyway, I ended up taking a bus that would take me to Lavender, the place where I stay. Once again I had problems with the bus stops and ended up getting out on a random place. I was afraid the bus would drive to far, and that I might end up in Geylang. Since it was night I didn’t want to take a chance of sitting on it longer. I ended up 1 station away from my planned bus stop, it was 300 extra metres to walk home. Not the longest road ever, but I think I’ll stay away from the buses for awhile for now….


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