One hour ’til Single Awareness Day is here! Have a happy moping day single people!


Valentine's Day

:music: The Dø – At Last
:heart: :heart: :heart: —> Because it’s Valentine’s day…

I hope everyone will have a lovely Valentine’s Day today, dateless or not ;D It’s a “hang-out-with-your-loved-ones” day, so it isn’t just your boyfriend/girlfriend that you can hang out with. So spend the day with your family and friends, have fun! :s8:
Urgh… I want cake now just because Valentine’s Day reminds me of cakes and chocolate, and I’m hungry too which make my craving worse.
How dare my mom eat a banana now? Aaargh the smell of edible things :s7: ! Okay, I think I’ll cook something now. :s1:
Have a wonderful day!

Bonne Année!

:music: Polygraph, Right Now – The Spill Canvas

Just checking in to wish everyone a Happy New Year! May 2009 be a promising year filled with a lot of happiness and surprises :heart: !

I’ll disappear once again now… But I might come back with something in a few days. I never promise anything I can’t keep, so don’t think of this as a promise but more like a reminder to myself to come back to the blogging scene D;

Christmas Eve!!

Music: Ayaka – kon’ya mo Hoshi ni Dakarete
Drinking: Green tea
Eating: red Velvet Cake >…<

I'll update more later….

Update 21.05.08

HOHOHO, Fake:Smiles talking here. Okay that was just weird… :12:
I put on a gallery plugin today, and I’m still testing the whole thing out. We will hopefully put in some weird pictures or something when we feel like it so yeah… That was the only thing I wanted to share today xD

PS. I made cupcakes today! And then we’ll be given the subject for our written exam tomorrow, at 14.30 PM :10: . Subjects I can get is English or Spanish, and Lina might get chosen for English.

Song of the day: Baila Chiki Chiki
A song submitted for the Eurovision contest 2008 by Spain. Our spanish teacher laughed a lot when we asked her if we could watch this in class today. Before putting it on she said: “This is so embarrassing” :s4: She also told us that the guy usually appears on TV with that hairdo and his little guitar just like that, afterwards. You know, the whole image thing :7:

BBQ parties ^^

Mood: Happy

Drink: Farris – Bris – Skogsbær Melon + urter

Music: Ayaka – Okaeri (Z.K theme song)¨

Finally, FINALLY, I’m writing a blog entry -.-

Okey, so on May 1st, we had our first BBQ (this year)…Baoi and Tuyen insisted that we would grill no matter what weather, and I must say we hit jackpot on the weather … RAIN -.- To be honest, I felt like we were crazy to actually have a BBQ in the rainy weather, but believe it or not we did.

Our BBQ destination this time was Frognerparken. I opposed at first since Baoi likes to scare children there, I though it would be dangerous *I’m such a good person, thinking about the childrens safety XD*. Anyway, we started to pack out our things, Baoi brought with her 5 bottles of water and juice. -.- I though she was kiddding when she said she brought with her 5 bottles, but she didn’t. And suprisingly, she drank almost all of them (we helped out with one bottle).

So to our grill. We started to grill marshmallows at first, but when we moved to grill our “real food”, (chickenwings and hot dogs) it started to rain, heavily. We all had to open our umbrellas and cover the grill so it woudn’t die … We just stood and ate, everyone of us with an umbrella in the other hand. We had to cooperate with each other in order to open watter bottles and such. After half an hour or so, we gave up on grilling and ate cake instead. It was so wet so we coudn’t grill more.

Before we went home, we went in to McDonals. Densha, Tin and Tuyen had hot chocolate, while me and Baoi had Frappé, *in the cold weather, we’re crazy, i know*. Me and baoi sort of went hyper after awhile. We took weird pictures, our should I say, I took weird pictures of Baoi. I managed to capture Baoi personality into a picture >.<, I also managed to capture an emo pic of her >.< …We cracked up in laughter. It looked like only me and Baoi had fun …

That was pretty much out 1st BBQ party…kinda weird but it was fun … I’ll post a picture later XD


Under maintenance!

Okay, so I upgraded our WordPress version today, and I upgraded our post avatar plugin as well, and somewhere along those lines I’ve made the Avatars options disappear. Well I didn’t really do that but the new version doesn’t support the avatar thing or something. So I’ll be working on it later tonight. Lina, do not freak out!

Edit: Fixed, and I’ll fix the smiley thing tonight! Turns out avatars from the old posts have disappeared XD But I’ll fix it tonight too ;D