Jardin de Seoul

Last weekend I was invited by the Korean girls from my class to go to this Korean harvest festival (Chuseok) arrangement at Jardin de Seoul. It’s a small park, located inside another park called Jardin d’Acclimatation, with replicas of traditional sculptures and architecture from Korea.

The entrance ticket to Le Jardin d’Acclimatation was kind of expensive… 26 euros! I snuck in for free though because the Korean arrangement staff thought I was a Korean student and she was talking to us and stuff and occacsionally looked at me and smiled. And I thought, why is she asking me questions in Korean?  My Korean friends made me go through the gates with them first and dragged me to another place far from the girl who gave us tickets before they told me that I got it for free because they pretended that I was a Korean student like them. HAHAHA!

They did sell a lot of Korean food but I didn’t get any because I was low in cash and couldn’t find an ATM in there, would have loved to try some of the dishes though! 😦

Gotta love how the beautiful colors harmonize so well with each other. This really made me think of sageuk dramas.

Spotted this little guy happily munching away on the carrot one of the kids gave him. “He’s so fluffy, I could die!”

One of my favorites. She looked so happy and peaceful while listening to the traditional music her bandmates were playing on stage.