Small update

A lot has happened since my last blog.

I got diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (worst case scenario delivered by my GP, I think he might have overreacted but who am I to know these things?)

I flew across the pond to meet people I haven’t seen in 19 years. People of my past.

I tried to be more open and outgoing, to be more of a yes-man as opposed to the me in the past who used to refuse to do anything and wondered what-if.

I came back to Norway and to my co-worker’s delight: “You have changed, I don’t know what but something has changed. Your face is brighter. No not the color, you idiot! I meant that you look happier and more open…”

I moved to Paris, France to become a poor ERASMUS student. Along the way I made new friends in the most random places you can imagine and at times when I least expected it. People of my present.

This is where I am and will be spending the rest of 2012 at. Let’s all hope it will be a time worth remembering and as for what’s ahead? Are the people of my past and my present willing to stay in my life and become people of my future? Will they be able to put up with my difficult and annoying personality? Only time will know. As for now I am proud of the small improvements I’ve made this summer and hope I can keep it up and never step back.

Macarons, because these colorful cuties reminds me of my changing moods and antics. And because nothing screams Paris more than their reputation for macarons in the later years. (Yes, macarons are indeed, in contrary to popular belief, a new emerging trend in France in the last decades)

PS. Please don’t laugh or get a heart attack when I tell you this: I still haven’t bought one yet.