I’m the kind of person who’s too lazy to take my camera out of the drawer where I keep it,  and proceed to transfer my pictures over to the computer. So there will be no pictures from my vacation in Vietnam in this post. Although I’ve got plenty of things I want to show, hehehe. Oh well, that’ll be a future post I guess, just not now.

Anyways, my computer is retarded… It won’t recognize my webcam even though it did the day I talked to my friend Tanadda, now it”s called usb-something nr.4! It sucks, ’cause I was going to do a voice chat with my cousin yesterday and Yahoo said that I didn’t have a webcam connected. And yes it was connected, so I used like 10 minutes trying to find it while my cousin kept calling me. And you know the phone ringing sound that they play is kind of annoying when you’re frantically searching for something.
Yeah, enough of my ranting. I’m gonna do my math homework now before it’s too late.


2 Comments on “120910”

  1. So I’m assuming you had a nice time in Vietnam. Hehe. Sorry to hear about your webcam. =/ Did you plug it back into the same USB spot you used before?

    • BSillyBob says:

      Yeah… I tried both spots and it didn’t wanted to recognize it as its name… I can still use it but I can’t configure it with the program that came with it. And when I tried to change its name back it stated that the name was already in use for another hardware… No shit, dude? I already know that… LOL

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