Life on crutches…

Difficult? You bet it is! Everything takes twice, or even thrice as long time to do! Walking up or down each staircase is like a battle between life and death. Luckily, I can now apply some weight on my operated leg. That makes me able to just use one crutch and walk sloooowly around.  I can’t imagine how I would survive if I didn’t manage to do it.

After I found out that I had ACL rupture, I keep thinking  if only I didn’t do it, or if I had done that instead, maybe I woudn’t be in the state I’m in right now. However, no matter how much I regret things,  it won’t change the fact that it’s torn. The important thing is to accept the truth and move forward right?  Then again, things are always easier said than done. Imagine what it’s like to be told that you won’t be able to walk, or won’t be able to do something you once were able to do again.. ever. It won’t  be easy to accept. Fortunately, it’s not like I won’t be able to walk again. In a few days, or weeks or even months, I will be able to walk properly and slowly do things normally again. It might take a long time, but I will get better, unless something unexpected thing happens of course.


Cruciate ligament rupture…

Last year I managed to rip one of my cruciate ligament at one of my martial arts training. It was supposed to be a self-defense course and I managed to hurt myself.Kinda ironically right? I visited a chiropractor and a physical therapist after the accident. However it wasn’t until this spring that I was told I had a cruiciate ligament rupture. After half a year of waiting, I suddenly got an operation date. It was this tuesday, 7.15 in the morning. Normally you can return home a few hours after the operation. Though in my case, I was too dizzy and felt like vomiting every time I turned my head or tried to sit up. The nurse told me it’s common when you get too much morphine. So in the end I had to stay overnight at the hospital.

I’ve returned home now. I don’t as much pain as I expected. Hopefully I’ll be able to recover soon 😀




I had the worst kind of nightmare last night… What did I dream of that deserved the title of worst nightmare you say?
I dreamt that there was a lady who just suddenly came into my house and started eating all of my instant noodle supply. And not the cheap ones, but the more expensive and good tasting one. I think it’s a sign from above trying to say that I should eat less instant noodles whenever I’m hungry.

I’ve been doing that lately, eating instant noodle whenever, and I never get satisfied! I keep craving it for some reason? Oh well, here I go to make me some delicious ramen! As for the sign, let’s forget it for now.


After two hours of lecture in the morning, I had two hours free. Instead of reading in the library, I went to Rema 1000 to buy ingredients for my dinner. While I was in the store, I received a message from SIT bolig that they were going to shut down the electricity  for one hour starting at 11 a.m. The clock was around 10.25 when I saw the message, which meant I had around 30 minutes to finish shopping, head home and cook some food. I was hungry, and I had to use the oven.  Fortunately, I made it, I even had 5 minutes of spare time until they shut the electricity.

It was kinda freaky when there was no electricity in the house. The house was sooooo silent. I mean, when there’s nobody around I feel like it’s quiet, however the refrigerator and other things still make some noise. Now on the other hand, it was dead silent. Kinda like an abandoned/haunted house. Nobody was home too, so it was a little scary. But I left like 5 minutes after the electricity was gone, because I planned on reading a little before the next lecture though.

Picture for the day: I really hate the weather here now. It’s like a combination of snow and rain …ugh. (bad quality because it was taken with my phone. Was too lazy to bring out my camera to take one picture XD)


BWW: Vietnamese net idols?

What is wrong with me? I stumbled over another weird thing again this week. This time it’s a thread on Soompi called Vietnamese net idols =_= basically something ala Vietnamese ulzzang… Actually in Vietnam, they’re called hot girls and hot boys… because they’re hot topics? I don’t know, it’s weird…  Recently there’s been a hot uhm… people(?) boom in Vietnam and with that I mean they’re seriously taking over. Like starring in dramas, singing and modeling, and I find the quality of their acting and singing voice quite unsettling while their modeling is so-so (they do have a pretty face after all). Well, fact is I’ve got no idea what their talent is, because I can’t see it. Is their talent their pretty feature or something? Because then I’m disappointed with this world…

PS. I think I should make this my hobby or something, you know like finding things on the web I find somewhat weird or fun and share it here? Like Bao’s Wide Web (BWW) or something? (I spend a lot of time stalking surfing around anyways so why not, right?)

New Year Resolutions

I’m quite amazed by the fact that I haven’t written anything here for the past two years. Sometimes I feel like posting, but in the end I never do. I’m bad at expressing myself, and I feel that my english pretty much sucks. That’s why I always hesitate about posting. However, I’ll try my best to write as much as possible from now on. Hopefully I’ll improve, even if it’s just a little bit.

I wonder why I don’t have any special feelings this year. I mean, I usually get excited on New Year’s Eve, and always have a christmas feeling during christmas. This year, I don’t have any feelings at all. Today is just a regular day like any other day. Perhaps it’s because there’s no snow this year? I don’t know ….

Anyway, since we’ll soon begin a new year, I would like to make some New Year’s Resolutions. I know I won’t be able to fulfill them all, but I’ll be satisfied if I can manage to accomplish one or two, or maybe three.

1. Memorize things. Nowadays I can’t seem to memorize stuff, It’s been a long time since I last did, so I have to train my brain.I used to be good at it too TT_TT

2. Use my camera more. Most of the time it just lies in a corner collecting dust.

3.  Become better at Japanese, mainly memorize more kanji and words.

4. Be more confident.

5. Improve my english.

6. Improve my grades.

Overall work harder than last year.

Wish you all a Happy New Year 🙂



Something weird happened yesterday… I was sleeping on the train on my way to school (no shit! You do that all the time Bao), when I woke up (nooo seriously? :O). Okay, so whenever I sleep on the train and wake up, I don’t stir, then flutter my eyes and wake up. I just sort of open my eyes in one movement, you know what I mean right? I just open them up wide and real fast? Anyways I did that yesterday only to find a pair of eye staring straight at me. This was mostly because I was  seated in a way where I could rest my head so my face was directed to the other aisle. So I opened my eyes, caught this guy staring straight back at me, and the first thing I thought was “WTH is he doing watching me sleep?”. It took him a second or two before he realized that my eyes was open and that I’ve caught him staring before he looked away pretending like nothing happened. Seriously, I’m not making this up at all! It was so weird and I thought I’m the creepy one… Gosh!

Anyways, I was walking from the train station to school yesterday when I walked past this guy and then I realized that it was CB (cute butt). The first thing on my mind was “Damn, I lost the chance to take a pic of his uhm… backside for Tanadda!” Hahahha, I know… so friggin’ random! But you know me… I’m really random x’D And then I met Stephanie and I talked to her for a while before I crossed the street only to see that Stephanie was still on the other side of the street, and you know that was so awkward! I thought she was crossing the street with me but maaan… that must have been awkward for her too. She probably thought that I didn’t wanted to talk to her or something…

Anyways, I kept on walking and I could still hear CB walking behind me and then I saw a silver car pulling up and they were honking their horn so I thought that it was directed for CB. I didn’t mind it and kept on walking and then they honked one more time and I was like “goddamn wth?”, that was when I heard “Bao Chau!”. I turned and saw that it was my friends and CB was like looking at the car and then at me (mostly because he’s friend with the girl who called out for me) . CB kept on walking while I was making my way to the car when H (the girl) was like “where are you going? you can get in too!” to CB. And he went like “aaah, I thought you was honking for her only” and then pointed at me. Anyways, they only had 2 seats left in the car so I had to sit beside him. (Guess what I was thinking on the way up! “Gotta tell Tanadda! hahahaha”)
And then I heard CB say: “So this is how you get good grades in school? By driving  the lecturer to school.” And then I thought “WTH is he talking about” and proceeded to look around the car and I couldn’t see anyone and it was like I could see who was sitting on the other side of him because he had two bags on his lap that was blocking my view. Cue a very confused Baoii here. That was when I heard our lecturer’s voice, and it took a while for my brain to process this. Anyways, it was weird ‘cuz I did see her before I got into the car xD

So that was probably the only highlight of my Friday, the fact that I didn’t get a picture that is. HAHAHAH!
Oh, and I got my hair cut today. It’s actually really short now, like above my shoulders? My hairdresser did say that it’ll take me some time to adjust ‘cuz she did cut a lot off.

Hanging with my 3 y/o nephew now! 😀